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December 6, 2010 / joninews

Money Laundering in Tbilisi Georgia, Waterworld

Money Laundering in Tbilisi Georgia, Waterworld

Just another shell company set up by some of Meesha’s pals… Russian mafia.

Multiplex Solutions – another mysterious company which was set up in 2005 with capital of $85k and now owns Tbilisi water; they’ve just put the water tariff up to higher than they said they would originally be holding it to, till 2014…. You will find Eastern European investors – and Russian – money laundering operation.

The French Embassy went crazy over this deal … need I say more, and it was suppose to be an open tender.

That’s for residences with a “24 hour” water supply – ours is generally ok but sometimes goes off, so how do they differentiate? should everyone be bombarding them with phone calls if they pay the higher tariff and their water goes off?

Make money while the sun shines, Vano and  Meesha’s pals… Russian mafia, are making money while the American Chamber of Commerce eats Crow.

It seems that Misha is planning his exit strategy, and that the Potomac Institute, Ambassador David Smith, will not help him in the last days, and will screw him over to save his own reputation.

Poor Meesha and his last days!


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