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March 25, 2011 / joninews

Donald Trump “investment” in Georgia – who will fund this?

The Georgian media has been full of the news of the President’s successful trip to see Donald Trump.

Trump, a man who is ridiculed in his own country heaped praise on a man who is ridiculed just about everywhere else. 

At the press conference the PR men had put a big banner up saying “Trump Invests in Georgia”, only he’s done nothing of the sort.

“We’ll decide whether or not we want to invest,” Trump said. Trump will license his name in Georgia and his company will manage the two properties, but so far he has no plans to put his own investment into the deal, The New York Times reported.

So who will fund this $300 million scheme? This was supposed to boost the FDI figures for Georgia but where will the money come from? The EBRD have recently voiced their concerns over Georgia’s prospects for attracting more cash from foreign investors and are unlikely to want to provide funding – I’m wondering if they ever got their money back from GRDC for all of their illusions of grandeur.

Seriously we would all LOVE to see the boom times return but to see all of this spread across they news like it has been you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s save to go out and buy that shiney new car, or that new refrigerator you’ve had your eye on.

Don’t buy it folks. Stock up with canned food and water instead – you’re going to need it.

If you have the interest or time you should read up on the partner in this scam, Silk Road Group and this is connected to mafia links and high level money laundering operations, and its founders are the same ones that robbed the Georgian State after the collapse of the Soviet Union and were involved in robbing and raping in South Ossetia and Abkhazia – and this is basically blood money being reinvested – washed.  Already the Georgian government threatens US Developer in Abkhazia, Bruce Talley – “high level contacts in GoG are involved in smear campaign” … it appears to be those closest to Liberty Institute, NED, and president elect Saakashvili. The foreign minister has come out with a basically a pubic threat against an US citizen. Some of the same spin doctors over Khurcha Incident, David Smith, Potomac Institute – and high power PR companies in the US and Europe. Big nexus with Georgian Institute of Strategic Studies/Potomac Institute. Also, Gogi Meladze, and Gigi Bokeria, and see the kind of crap that he writes: ACHTUNG!

Bruce Talley: A Kremlin tool in Abkhazia

The US government supports territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia. A US  citizen, so called “developer”, Bruce Talley supports the Russian occupation and ethnic cleansing in Abkhazia. He’s not just a “developer” though. Primarily he’s a propagandi…st and an advocate of the Kremlin policies regarding the occupation of the internationally recognized Georgian territory. Political and ethic aspects of the question aside, this individual is deliberately violating the Georgian law, according to which any business activity on the occupied territories without an
explicit approval and authorization by the Georgian government is illegal. He certainly knows about it. He just doesn’t care. He’s got the Russian occupational forces to back him up and boost his entrepreneurial spirit. We need to bring this outrageous fact to the attention of the US government.  We need to get the US Embassy in Tbilisi involved. We need to stop this “developer”.

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