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April 9, 2011 / joninews

Wise and know it all Paul Rimple: Zombies, Nino Burjanadze and Mr.Silverman’s Delight

Just in case you are behind the "New Wave" – rebranding of the Paul Rimple Fan Club!
News Roundup of Paul Rimple sterling articles for Mr. Silverman's delight on a Saturday night!

The wise and know it all Rimple, on Zombies and Nino Burjanadze….

You have to find all his hipster MOTORCYLE GANG links for yourself, where he is the toughest mother fucking biker in the Caucasus!  For your own pleasure!  … don't forget, he fought in Huey choppers in Nam too, remember?

Several video fests celebrating hipster Paul Rimple, Man of the Year, Man for all Seasons, Man of Every Talent!

Have you ever EVER encountered such a cool famous dude!?



Paul Rimple of GEORGIA TODAY insults MEGRELIANS… decide!

4 Jun 2008  Paul Rimple and Anthony Schierman, both of the Neo-Con and military sympathetic GEORGIA TODAY news rag of Tbilisi, Georgia.…/6d77f53b38c3f8ac7d7503361323ef60.html – Similar

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  1. Joni Simonishvili / Jun 19 2011 9:45 pm

    Seems that he flip flops again!

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