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April 22, 2011 / joninews

Body parts 4-Sale in Georgia

Human (Prisoner) Organ Trafficking in Georgia?

Shocking allegations – but anything is possible in Georgia for money.

…an employee of a penitentiary system speaks about terrible facts:

Recently a 26-year old man died in prison; he weighed 23 kilos. "There were cases when the heads of the dead prisoners were stuffed with briefs instead of brains; organs are completely extracted; embalming of such bodies is impossible."

Anything is possible but I thought this was being done in Poti some years ago and the organs sold to Germany.


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  1. John Bradford / Apr 22 2011 11:11 pm

    To be honest this blogger article on organ transplant black market in Georgia is over the top; it has no credibility. Where and why and how did you find this Bondo guy?

    His writing and metaphors and comparisons are wacky and nonobjective. Maybe there are some heinous crimes like this in Georgia’s prisons, but I do not think it is a major syndrome –given that Georgians love their own, even criminal relatives, and such things would be gossiped about in very short time. There is no proof in this article, and the headline is preposterous, FACISM has nothing to do with his allegations. Nobody will take him seriously.

    if you believe him, why don’t you make this your next mission and investigate it, with due diligence research that is confirmable, at least by human rights groups, even mini NGOs, if the newspapers do not believe your evidence.

    Just because Bondo uses a punch drunk metaphor like “skulls stuffed with underpants [briefs] and not brains”, it is vivid and even pornographic somehow, and powerful for a second, like propaganda, but still yet I don’t think brains are being transplanted or are of much black market value for neurosurgery medical school students to practice on. So Bondo really fucked up by using this metaphor for effect and not an honest one.

    How did you dig up this article anyway? The author is a crank and not believable. Again, he may be onto something, but he will never get anyone to take him seriously with his method.

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