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June 8, 2012 / joninews

Double Standard in Georgian Political Funding

Georgian Political Scene, Truth or Consequences – Pay up and Shut up

But where is Misha's funding coming from? The State coffers? Friends overseas? 

Bidzina Ivanishvili, leader of the main political opposition, Georgian Dream, may potentially face up to GEL 148.65 million (about USD 90.96 million) fine if the Tbilisi City Court approves a decision by the State Audit Service, which has accused the billionaire politician of violating party funding rules.

The State Audit Service, which is also in charge of monitoring political finances, has claimed that Ivanishvili used “companies owned by him” in “illegal scheme for the political and electoral purposes.

It would be interesting to get someone to backtrack all these fines and list them all with the running total, then ask the readers to decide whether this seems like the government abusing their power, and ask what might happen if they get kicked out. Will Misha get arrested, have to payback all the money he has rippled off and stolen under the color of law?
But I understand that such truth commissions sometimes are impotent and don't probe serious crimes.  Anyway, the point is the notion that the current system has committed violations on a large scale, including murders. Prime Minister just don't die from gas heaters. Regardless, that is but the top of the iceberg. 

They have been saying for years that he will never be able to retire in Geo like Edward Shevardnadze, albeit I have a feeling that IF he leaves (which I don't think will happen), there will be a mutual arrangement and all the crimes will be glossed over like always happens here. There will never be a truth and reconciliation commission in Georgia, you know that like the government abusing their power, and ask what might happen if they get kicked out. Will Misha get arrested? No, as that would take too many with him and the list of most wanted would reach back to Washington and Europe.

-- - Or how I learned to stop worrying and                           love email again

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