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November 8, 2012 / joninews

Bus Strike in Georgia is part of bigger end game – call it subterfuge!

Drivers of yellow buses went on strike. Jeffrey K. Silverman Three auto parks of the capital and over 1300 drivers participate in the
The drivers have 17-point demands. They demand improvement of labor
conditions and a salary increase. No buses are operating in Tbilisi and
citizens mainly travel by mini buses. The drivers say that this is a warning strike and if their demands are
not met the protest will be on a wide scale.…

Whoever is driving all of these strikes certainly don’t have the best
interests of the country at heart. This is planned and malicious damage
to the economy – a crime against the state (and we all know which party
is behind it all).

The problem which the perpetrators face is that they are trying to now
play the victim before on audience which they have previously victimized
and held in fear. This is why they were thrown out of power and they
only got as many seats as they now have because they did their level
best to steal the election – you could probably factor in that about 20%
of their votes as having been garnered by illicit tactics during the
election campaign and poll.

These are criminals standing up for criminals. It is little wonder that
they are doing all of this – playing dirty – when they know what is
coming once the truth comes out following deeper investigation into the
deaths of such people as Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania, Sergo Tetradze,
and Sandro Girgvliani, among others, and into the large scale corruption
which has taken place involving the auction of state assets and
monopolistic tenders and the revolving doors at Tbilisi City Hall.

All of these people – Saakashvili, Merabishvili, Akhalaia, Ugulava,
Bokeria, Sharangias, etc. are the true thieves-in-law in Georgia – they
know it – the whole country knows it and what they are trying to do now
just will not wash, not with Georgians and not with the Americans or the
Europeans (except perhaps with the EPP).

The people became power-mad and their depravity is well known among the
Georgian people. The great danger here is if they succeed in their aim
to pull the wool over just a few western eyes with their propaganda and
tactics – at best widespread unrest and unexplained bombings – at worst
a civil war could break out.

For a truer picture of just what sort of people we are dealing with here
– this is how they are viewed by the Georgian on the street:

Where does the “broom” of prison 8 stem from?


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