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November 22, 2012 / joninews

Clearing up the mess in Georgia – in spite of outside interference! Philip Gordon and his Rasmussen!!!

“it’s a dirty job but it’s got to be done – just make sure you do it
properly and make it look good”
Phillip Gordon came here with his eyes wide open, fully aware, and he
would have been properly briefed (informed) by the US Ambassador who, as
we have seen, has been an almost daily visitor to Ivanishvili and cannot
possibly have been taken by surprise by these arrests. I think the
message from the Americans is clear: “it’s a dirty job but it’s got to
be done – just make sure you do it properly and make it look good”.
As for others, Jose Barroso is just a complete cock who would side (take
the side) with the devil if it kept that stupid smug look on his face a
while longer, as are the rest of his EPP buddies who keep voting him
back in, e.g. Wilfried Martens and not forgetting that the UNM
themselves are affiliated to the EPP, as is John McCain’s International
Republican Institute, IRI.
I think Mr. Rasmussen was just taken in (fooled) by Saakashvili, to be
honest. The NATO Sec. General is naturally more detached from the
reality of life in Georgia. Perhaps James Appathurai, Deputy Assistant
Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy and NATO
Secretary General’s Special Representative for the Caucasus and Central
Asia, could have helped him prepare better so I’m sure some questions
need to be asked within NATO itself as there was a marked change in tone
from Rasmussen after he’d met with Ivanishvili.
I’m sure the Americans (State Department) know that the really big fish
are yet to be fried and the impeachment process has recently been
explained by the GYLA, Georgian Young Lawyers Association (someone
must’ve asked them?) but we may have to wait a while before we see any
direct moves against Saakashvili and Merabishvili. Pretty soon they’ll be the only ones left anyway, not arrested but under
threat. I’m not so sure about Gigi Ugulava – I think his little stunt
where he tried to gatecrash the ministerial meeting may have moved him
up the batting order – and his days may be numbered too!
There’s little doubt that they’re all on the same list – powerful people
who thought they were untouchable. They only have such a voice now
because they still managed to rig the election somewhat – nobody likes
them (except themselves) and the more moderate UNM MPs would do well to
distance themselves from them and join the splinter group of
independents and think about their own political careers.
What we’re seeing happening is the dissection of a regime which kept
themselves and their friends in houses and whores through intimidation,
fear, torture, sexual abuse, theft of property, political persecution,
corruption, and control of the media… you name it, they did it.
It’s a bit rich of them (arrogant) complaining about getting caught.
They are acting as a bunch of cry babies. We have an expression in
America: “if you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime.”
I see they’re going to charge Dato Akhalaia in absentia. Do they have
family rooms in prison? They’ll need a suite if they can pin anything on
Roland – the Godfather of that clan.
NB – for Georgian Readers: Pin anything on – that means – to prove a
person guilty of something, in American legal slang – jailhouse law

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