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November 25, 2012 / joninews

Terminator on the rampage in Georgia? Zurab Zhvania,

Murdered with three gunshot wounds in Tbilisi

Terminator, US Embassy, on the rampage in Georgia?

Jeffrey Silveman November 23, Tbilisi Georgia – 43-year-old Avtandil Aduashvili was found
murdered this night in the back seat of his vehicle, ML class Mercedes
on Zaziashvili Street. The murdered had three gunshot wounds. The
locals say they didn’t hear the gunshots (it sounds like his body was
taken and left where it was found).

I think this guy was in the construction and restaurant business. I don’t know any more than that – just made me think a little about this
case, which is also somehow related to an ownership issue with the
Buddah Bar just across the river, where they’re building that “Time
Tunnel” for Misha, Vano, and Gigi to escape to the past.

How curious that another person called Avtandil Aduashvili drowned in
Gori in July. Maybe there’s a kind of “Terminator” thing going on, and
there’s more to this Time Tunnel on Rike park than meets the eye. Maybe
they manage to go back and figure out that “someone” called Avtandil
Aduashvili must be eliminated for them to escape punishment for their
sins, so a terminator has come forward in time and is bumping off anyone
called Avtandil Aduashvili?

I think they’re going to string Merabishvili along a bit and try to make
him sweat. Fat Misha already looks like a sweaty fat pig – and his
hair’s going very gray now too.

They thought they had it all and resorted to such dirty tactics during
the election campaigning period because they were petrified of the
consequences if they lost, and everything they were afraid of is now
coming to pass. They haven’t really started on the shonky deals (of dubious integrity or
legality) deals with mysterious companies which were set up to bid for
all these state tenders yet, or the big “murder” cases (Zurab Zhvania,
Buta Robakidze and Sandro Girgvliani). It is all starting to float to the top – sit back folks and enjoy the
show! YouTube – Videos from this email


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